Hadoop Happenings: Vendor Shifts

By Jonathan BuckleyFebruary 10, 2015


Grab the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week Cloudera announced its acquisition of startup Discussion continued on the future of Apache Spark, and rumors flew about Pivotal’s future in the big data arena.

1. Cloudera acquires self-service data-modeling startup Cloudera acquired, a startup whose software analyses users’ offline queries to determine which are important to the business. Read More

2. Eight Hadoop Trends for 2015 Teradata weighs in on where Hadoop will go in 2015 and how to take advantage of the potential of big data. Read More

3. Pivotal’s big-data pivot: Ditching its Hadoop distro, sources say Recent events may indicate Pivotal is moving out of the Hadoop market and could open source some of its technology. Read More

4. Could Microsoft Cosmos Challenge Hadoop? Microsoft’s data crunching framework called Cosmos is posed to launch on the Azure cloud. Read More

5. Exclusive: Pivotal CEO says open source Hadoop coming Pivotal’s CEO denied that they are getting out of the Hadoop space, but there will be an announcement regarding the open source space. Read More

6. Dip in Hadoop data lake can be bracing for big data users Hadoop users are creating vast pools of multi structured data, but organizations must be careful to not get lost in all the data. Read More

7. 4 Lessons for every Entrepreneur Creating Big Data Solutions This post speaks to entrepreneurs within the big data space and offers advice on how to find success. Read More

8. Apache Spark: Hadoop friend or foe? Spark is growing in popularity, and it’s debated whether it will ultimately compliment or replace MapReduce. Read More

9. Spark fires up near-real-time big data This post compares MapReduce and Apache Spark and discusses Spark’s ability for real-time analytics. Read More

10. Big Data Failures Owe More to Business Culture than Technology A recent Capgemini report highlights why businesses are struggling with big data, and it’s not because of the technology. Read More

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