Hadoop Happenings: Velocity and Quality

By March 31, 2015


Grab the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week conversation centered on businesses ensuring the quality of their data. provided an interesting use case, and Forbes published an article focused on the velocity of data.

1. Apple acquires big data analytics firm Acunu Apple appears to have acquired Acunu, a London-based big data analytics firm. Read More

2. MapR’s 4 Takeaway Lessons from the Hadoop Revolution This post provides four lessons for enterprises looking to get value out of big data. Read More

3. Survey says Hadoop isn’t replacing data warehouses Two-thirds of decision-makers believe Hadoop will not have an impact on their legacy data environments. Read More

4. Big data: All hype and no investment? A survey from Snowflake Computing found 91 percent of respondents have considered investing in big data, but more than 70 percent said a lack of expertise was a major concern. Read More

5. How got started in big data- by focusing on the customer The departments of used to all view the customer in a different way with siloed goals and data points. The company turned to big data to help it merge customer data and make better decisions in its online marketing. Read More

6. Is Apache Spark the next big thing in big data analytics? This post discusses the history of Apache Spark, and its growing role in the world of big data. Read More

7. Is Big Data a Bubble Set to Burst? Data isn’t going anywhere, but this author proposes it’s time to abandon the term “big data” and instead indicate the type of data we are actually talking about in order to set correct expectations. Read More

8. 3 Recent Books for Budding Data Scientists and Business Executives Involved with Big Data Analytics Three books provide an overview of data mining and data science for those looking to get into the field. Read More

9. B2B increases its Use of Big Data, But It’s Not Always the Right Data B2B companies are gathering more data as they move toward digital strategies, but poor documentation and inaccurate data can hinder these companies’ efforts. Read More

10. Making Big Data Fast In this post, the author discusses the velocity element of big data, and how organizations can get faster at analyzing and acting on data. Read More

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