Hadoop Happenings: Big Data Is Doing The Thinking For Us

By Jonathan BuckleyJuly 27, 2015


Grab the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week’s articles focus on big data’s growing ability to think for us and the safety precautions every company should be taking.

1. What Big Data Strategists Can Learn From a Con Artist – Avoid getting lost in the unprecedented quantities of information of big data that can lead to making poor decisions based off of bad data. Read More

2. 10 Big Data/Business Intelligence Emerging Vendors You Need To Know About – Discover the 10 emerging big data/business intelligence vendors that you need to know about. Read More

3. Big data tools empowering security analytics – but don’t forget business context – Learn to absorb the previously unseen patterns surrounding user behavior, and position security events within a business context to effectively formulate and execute remedial actions. Read More

4. Managing Big Data? Make Sure You Know the Challenges – Learn the challenges and solutions to managing Big Data. Read More

5. How Big Data And The Internet Of Things Improve Public Transport In London – Discover how big data and the Internet of Things are improving London’s Public Transportation. Read More

6. Can Big Data Algorithms Tell Better Stories Than Humans? – A new generation of big data tools are being used to automate story telling. Read More

7. Can Big Data Find Your Next CEO? – A case study of corporate head-hunters who have taken steps to ensure C-level recruitment is firmly rooted in data and analytics. Read More

8. Can Algorithms and Big Data Appraise Character? – Discover if the power of algorithms can lift us above the biases that influence the way we judge one another. Read More

9. New Solutions Simplify The Building and Consumption of Big Data – Find a way around the barriers that keep analytics and discovery models consumed by the masses. Read More

10. Do Companies Really Take Big Data Seriously? – Companies are making big data more central to their processes and are finally taking big data seriously. Read More

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