Hadoop Happenings: Strata + Hadoop 2015

By Jonathan BuckleyFebruary 24, 2015

Hadoop-HappeningsGrab the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place in this week’s Hadoop Happenings.  From the controversial Open Data Platform to increasing support from Spark, coverage of the recent O’Reilly Strata + Hadoop world conference along with accompanying vendor announcements dominated the news this week. Hadoop vendor Cloudera also pressed pause on movement toward and IPO.

1. For now, Spark looks like the future of big data The recent O’Reilly Strata + Hadoop World conference may bear the name Hadoop, but the main focus this year was on Apache Spark with several companies, including Qubole, announcing support for the Apache project. Read More

2. Data Science: Where are We Going? A video from Strata + Hadoop 2015 features Dr. DJ Patil and a brief introduction from President Obama on the impact of data science on the future. Read More

3. Why SAS Joined the Open Data Plaform (ODP) initiative Craig Rubendall explains SAS joined the Open Data Platform to cut back on time spent dealing with compatibility issues and focus more time on innovation. Read More

4. This VC firm relies on Hadoop to check for startup success Venture capital firm Data Collective is using Hadoop to source, evaluate, and manage the companies it invests in. Read More

5. Microsoft makes its Hadoop on Azure service available to Linux users Microsoft is offering a preview of its big-data service on Azure running on Linux and is making its machine-learning service generally available. Read More

6. Spark, Open Data Platform court innovation, controversy at Strata+Hadoop World Apache Spark is quickly growing traction in the Hadoop community, but the announcement of Open Data Platform was met with skepticism from certain vendors and analysts alike. Read More

7. That IPO? Cloudera bides its time Cloudera closed 2014 with $100 million in annual revenue, but Cloudera’s CEO indicates the company will hold off on a public offering. Read More

8. Apache finally signs off Hadoop database… after 7 years of development The Apache Software Foundation signed off HBase 1.0, a non-relational, distributed database for Hadoop, seven years after work started on the project. Read More

9. It’s Complicated: Why the Hadoop Skills Gap will Widen in 2015 While Forrester’s Mike Gualtieri predicts the Hadoop skills gap will disappear this year, Teradata’s Ron Bodkin disagrees, saying it will take much more time to close the gap. Read More

10. Why Cloudera and MapR Opted Out of Pivotal’s Hadoop Consortium MapR and Cloudera opted out of the Open Data Platform because it seemed self-serving and redundant with what already exists within the Apache community. Read More

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