Hadoop Happenings: Stinger Initiative; Hadoop Challenges

By Nate PhilipSeptember 5, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Grab all of the latest news and commentary on Hadoop in one place in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. The Stinger Initiative was officially completed in April, but the Hadoop community is still learning all that it accomplished. Additional commentary was given on the challenges of using Hadoop.

1. Seven signs your hair is on fire: The challenges of scaling Hadoop Scaling Hadoop can be tricky. This post outlines seven common problems and ways to solve them. Read More

2. Enterprise SQL at Hadoop Scale with Apache Hive The Stinger Initiative delivered its final phase in April. This post goes in depth on the accomplishments of the initiative. Read More

3. Teradata acquires Hadoop consulting firm Think Big Analytics Teradata made its third acquisition in six weeks when it bought Think Big Analytics, a consulting firm focused on Hadoop. Read More

4. An Introduction to Apache Hadoop for big data Looking for coverage of Hadoop basics? This article covers the history and components of Hadoop. Read More

5. 5 Powerful Ways Retailers can Leverage Big Data and Hadoop Use cases abound for big data in retail including inventory forecasting and consumer gamification. Read More

6. Are Hortonworks + Hive Community Paving Hadoop’s Future? This post offers commentary on the recent Stinger Initiative. Read More

7. Why Data Scientists want More than Hadoop This article examines some of the challenges faced by Hadoop users. Read More

8. Handling Not so Big Data A presentation by Satoshi Tagomori discusses how to handle smaller volumes of data. Read More

9. A List of Hadoop Vendors Looking for a list of Hadoop vendors? This list provides them all alphabetically. Read more

10. 5 Steps to Running ETL on Hadoop for Web Companies This post argues that ETL is still a necessary process and provides an overview of the ETL process in Hadoop. Read More

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