Hadoop Happenings: Spark, Hadoop, Infrastructure

By April 7, 2015


Grab all of the latest news about Hadoop in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week discussion continued on Apache Spark with some arguing its hype could be a self-fulfilling prophecy and others claiming the debate shouldn’t be about the technology at all but rather the infrastructure. See the full debate and other commentary below.

1. The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth: The age of developer-defined infrastructure A guest article goes through the three ages of the data center: physical-defined infrastructure, software-defined infrastructure and developer-defined infrastructure. Read More

2. Big data is all about the cloud Matt Asay argues that picking between Spark or Hadoop isn’t key to big data success, but picking the right infrastructure is. Read More

3. Spark or Hadoop: Is it an either-or proposition? This post provides an overview as well as a link to the video of a presentation given at the Los Angels Spark Users Group. Read More

4. Apache Spark’s success: Overhyped or preordained? Exuberance over Spark could be dismissed as hype, but it may be the community’s enthusiasm for Spark will lead to its overall success. Read More

5. AtScale Launches to Democratize Hadoop Recently launched AtScale offers middleware that sits on top of Hadoop and underneath BI platforms, such as Excel or Tableau. Read More

6. Does Hadoop Need a Reality Check? While Hadoop has been a huge success for the open source community, it has struggled to drive revenue. Read More

7. Hadoop in danger of becoming a silo of silos, says Trillium Interest in Hadoop is growing, but executives are still confused about what it does and risk creating new data issues with poor implementation. Read More

8. Survey: Data warehouses in no danger from Hadoop A survey from Dimensional Research indicated data warehousing is still a critical business component. Read More

9. For Big Data, It was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times For those considering big data adoption, the conflicting stories of success and failure make it difficult to make a confident decision. Read More

10. Making big data work The National Institute of Standards and Technology released a draft of a framework seeking to establish a common set of definitions for data science. Read More

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