Hadoop Happenings: Hadoop Summit Sound off

By Nate PhilipJune 16, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly RoundupCheck out the most popular content on Hadoop from the last week. The Hadoop summit from last week (June 2-3) was a big source of discussion with observations from providers and journalists alike. There was also a large focus on the future of Hadoop as it has gone mainstream.

1. The Biggest Hadoop and Big Data Influencers on Social Media This post highlighted some lists of of the top social media influencers in Hadoop and big data including Qubole’s own Hadoop influencers list. Read More

2. ScalingData Emerges with $4.4M to Build Hadoop ‘Killer App’ Startup ScalingData, which develops apps that run on Hadoop, has raised $4.4 million in funding. Read More

3. SQL, Open Source, Security Stand Out In Hadoop Ecosystem John Furrier provides an overview of some of the topics covered at the recent Hadoop Summit including the prevalence of SQL enhancements and the opportunity found in security. Read More

4. Running, Managing and Operating on Hadoop This webinar provides a roadmap for getting started with Hadoop. Read More

5. Hadoop Summit Reflections This post provides a couple insights taken from the recent Hadoop Summit in San Jose. Read More

6. Hadoop Maturity Summits Another review of the recent Hadoop Summit arguing Hadoop has reached mainstream status. Read More

7. Pivotal People: Henry Saputra, the Engineer Behind Apache Hadoop, YARN and Spark on Cloud Foundry This interview with Pivotal engineer Henry Saputra discusses Pivotal’s engineering work in open source, big data and PaaS. Read More

8. Hadoop Opportunities for Service Providers This interview with the CEO of Talend covers the opportunities for service providers in the Hadoop space. Read More

9. Understanding the power of Hadoop as a Service This research report outlines a number of ways Hadoop can be deployed and how to go about choosing the best approach for meeting certain requirements. Read More

10. Hadoop Summit 2014 Observations One last round-up of insights from the Hadoop Summit last week. Read More

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