Hadoop Happenings: Retail Use Cases; Apache Tez

By Nate PhilipOctober 6, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Grab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. Uses cases for Hadoop in the retail and entertainment industries were a popular topic of discussion this week. Apache Tez received accolades from the Bossie awards, and real-time analytics continued to be a hot topic.

1. Does Hadoop Mean the End of the Data Model? This post provides an analysis of Hadoop and its impact on the use of data models. Read More

2. Retail Insights: What’s Possible with a Modern Data Architecture Greg Girard, program director for analytics strategies at IDC Retail Insights and Mark Ledbetter, VP for industry solutions at Hortonworks, discuss the application of analytics in retail. Read More

3. Hadoop in Advertising & Media: Is Data Analytics Making Old Media New? Hadoop is showing increasing value in the entertainment industry. This article covers some case studies of how Hadoop has improved marketing and engagement in the industry. Read More

4. Apache Tez Win InfoWorld Bossie 2014 Award Apache Tez was selected as a winner of the Best of Open Source software awards in the Big Data Tools category. Read More

5. 5 Big Data Hadoop Use Cases for Retail Hadoop has many applications in retail. This article explores 5 potential use cases of Hadoop for retailers. Read More

6. Does the Intelligence Community Really Get Hadoop? The intelligence community is behind the private sector in its understanding of Hadoop, but there is a large potential for growth in the government sector. Read More

7. Moving Hadoop beyond batch processing and MapReduce Apache Tez creates new possibilities in interactive, distributed data processing. Read More

8. AMD, Oracle sweep their glasses off the table, ARM wrestle Hadoop for the data center AMD demoed two ARM Cortex A54-based servers running Hadoop at Oracle’s JavaOne conference. Read More

9. Streaming for Hadoop Real-time analytics is gaining traction with vendors focusing on tools like Apache Storm, Flume, Kafka and Spark. Read More

10. Bigger Data, Smaller Problems: Taking Hadoop Security to the Next Level Advancements in Hadoop Security are helping IT to reduce security and compliance risks. Read More

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