QDS Business Edition: The power of Autonomous Data Platform for Everyone

September 20, 2017 by Updated April 18th, 2019

While Qubole has enabled large organizations to become self-service data driven enterprises, many small and medium businesses have faced several hurdles in their big data adoption. With the mission to further self-service data driven transformation among SMBs, Qubole is proud to announce the general availability of Qubole Data Service (QDS) Business Edition at no cost*.

Since its inception, Qubole’s mission has been to provide a fast, easy and reliable path to turn big data into valuable business insights. In pursuit of this journey, we have built an autonomous data platform that enables data teams to quickly scale in democratizing data access and making big-data truly self service. Simply put, as several of our customers would attest, Qubole has enabled data teams to become superhuman!

Providing freedom in terms of choice is at the heart of democratizing data access. Staying true to it, QDS Business Edition is designed for

  1. Anyone who uses data – Data Engineers, Data Ops, Data Scientist and Data Analysts
  2. Any use case- ETL, Ad-hoc, ML, Reporting and many more
  3. Any type of application, from 360 degree customer view, fraud detection, recommendations, etcl
  4. Any type of Interface- QDS UI (Notebooks, Analyze and many more), BI interface, Rest API, Command Line and Data Connectors
  5. Any Open Source Engine- Hive, Spark, Presto, Hadoop, Airflow.
  6. Any of the Major Public Cloud- AWS, Azure and Oracle.
  7. Any type of deployment- Development, Testing and more importantly Production.

With QDS Business Edition, customers can get started immediately at no cost*, with just few clicks- 1) Sign Up 2) Setup Credentials 3) Generate Insights- thereby rapidly reducing the time to insights. Because no data migration is necessary, as soon as you authenticate with your cloud (AWS/Azure/Oracle) account you can start querying right away. You can use the Analyze UI to create and run ad-hoc queries, notebooks to build advanced models and visualize data, APIs to schedule ETL or reporting jobs.

QDS Business Edition, also comes with all the cloud native capabilities such as Auto-scaling, Spot instances and cluster life cycle management. Customers will also have access to Qubole’s unique Alerts, Insight and Recommendations (AIR), that collects meta-data generated from data platform usage,  analyzes it and provides insights and recommendations to all types of personas- Data Consumers (Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers) and Data Service Providers (Admins) in an organization. Click here to read more on AIR for Data Discovery and Data Model. In addition to this, several advanced automation capabilities included in the the premium cloud agents are also available for free trial. If you want to leverage the autonomous and cost savings capabilities of the Cloud Agents, you can upgrade to Enterprise Edition at any time, without having any impact to your business continuity.

The Business Edition platform also includes full access to Qubole’s knowledge base, community and several hours of training materials. For a full breakdown of the Qubole Education Services please visit qubole.com/education – from this page you will be able to access Free Public Courses as well as our eLearning solution where you can watch recorded material.

As we take steps towards our goal of making every organization self-service data-driven enterprise through the autonomous data platform, we are excited about the positive impact that Business Edition can have on your big data journey.

*Qubole offers Qubole Data Service (QDS) Business Edition at no cost, but usage is limited by Qubole compute hours (QCUH for AWS, AVMU for Azure and QCPU for Oracle) per month, which varies by cloud but is approximately a $1000/month value. You must provide your own Public cloud (AWS/Azure/Oracle) account and you are responsible for the infrastructure costs managed by Qubole on your behalf.

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