Hadoop Happenings: ODP Fireworks

By Jonathan BuckleyApril 28, 2015


Grab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week the debate continued over the Open Data Platform. SAP highlighted its support for Hadoop in the enterprise, and a data engineer from Shazam discussed why he chose Presto over Apache Hive. See the full stories below.

1. Big Data-As-A-Service Is Next Big Thing Influencer Bernard Marr discusses what BDaaS is and why it is beneficial. Read More

2. Our View on Open Data Platform’s CEO, John Schroeder, discusses why MapR declined to participate in the Open Data Platform citing redundancy with the Apache Software Foundation and vendor-bias in the platform’s “core” definition. Read More

3. SAP Embraces Hadoop in the Enterprise At the European Hadoop Summit, SAP highlighted its support for enterprise Hadoop deployments. Read More

4. Riding the Waves of Big Data This post discusses the three waves of big data: volume, variety and velocity. Read More

5. Hadoop ODP: No thanks says MapR, and Cloudera isn’t impressed either This article highlights MapR’s and Cloudera’s strongly worded rejections of the Open Data Platform. Read More

6. Hadoop’s Next Big Battle: Apache Versus ODP The split between the ODP and Apache Software Foundation has intensified the vendor wars and added another question mark to Hadoop’s future. Read More

7. Why we use Presto not Hive for interactive Hadoop queries, Shazam data engineer A data engineer at Shazam discusses why his team uses Presto for interactive queries over Hive, Drill or Impala. Read More

8. Controversial unified-Hadoop project bears first fruit

InfoWorld.com0- The Open Data Platform has its first tangible results, but the controversy over the consortium is far from over. Read More

9. Nepal Earthquake: Using Big Data in a Crisis Big data is being used to predict earthquakes and improve response help after natural disasters. Read More

10. China to Use Big Data to Rate Citizens in New ‘Social Credit System’ China’s new citizen rating system will hold citizens accountable for financial and moral choices. Read More

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