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Meetup: Machine Learning at Scale Using Spark and Hive

January 14, 2016 by Updated June 3rd, 2016

Qubole and Oracle Meetup
A large crowd recently attended the Boulder/Denver Big Data Meetup group hosted by Oracle where experts from Qubole discussed their latest findings from a real world case study. The evening’s presentations were titled “Case Study: Machine Learning at Scale using Spark and Hive” and detailed practical ways businesses can implement machine learning techniques using the listed technologies.

Qubole’s CEO and Co-Founder, Ashish Thusoo spoke on the importance of having big data in the cloud. Thusoo talked about how the cloud gives organizations the ability to adapt quickly in a world where technology is rapidly changing. The cloud’s major benefits, like flexibility and agility, play into this role. Thusoo also spoke at length about how businesses can use software applications and infrastructure in new ways.

The second presentation of the evening came from Alex Sadovsky, the Director of Data Science for Oracle Data Cloud. Sadovsky expanded on Thusoo’s remarks, talking about the ways in which his team uses Spark and Hive as a way to come up with new machine learning solutions. Sadovsky also went into more detail about how he uses the cloud to handle dynamic data science workloads that are low maintenance and scalable.

The venue for the event was provided by Oracle Data Cloud. Many within the local data community of Denver/Boulder were able to attend and came away with a good idea of how best to use Hive and Apache Spark for machine learning and how Qubole can help in the task.

Watch a video of the meetup here.

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