Hadoop Happenings: Market Rumblings

By March 3, 2015

Hadoop-Happenings1. Making Sense of the ODP-Where Does Hadoop Go From Here? Debate over the purpose of Open Data Platform got heated with some dismissing it as a distraction or a grasp at relevance while others claim its necessary to spur Hadoop innovation. Read More

2. Big Data Bits: Strata + Hadoop World Rewind This post discusses some of the major highlights from the recent Strata + Hadoop conference, including the brief appearance of President Obama and the focus on Apache Spark. Read More

3. Using Hadoop: Query optimization This post provides tips for how to reduce latency when running queries on data stored in Hadoop HDFS. Read More

4. Hadoop Creator: If You Want to Succeed with Big Data, Start Small Doug Cutting, Hadoop’s creator, discusses the evolution of Hadoop and suggests companies should go after the low hanging fruit first before widely adopting Hadoop. Read More

5. A Closer Look at the fight for Hadoop Several businesses are battling over who will be the top Hadoop distribution. This articles compares how those companies are positioning themselves. Read More

6. Big Data Tempest in a Teapot Doug Henschen argues infighting over the recently announced ODP won’t speed enterprise adoption, but rather calls for real-life case studies and use cases in every industry. Read More

7. Big Data winners using inline analytics to derive large ROIs from their investment A recent Wikibon survey revealed most Hadoop users are using it for internal IT cost savings, but those using Hadoop to target business issues receive a much higher ROI. Read More

8. Hadoop is probably as mature as it’s going to get This article argues the Hadoop market has reached maturity with little changing the past few years from the vendors to messaging. Read More

9. Hadoop gets native C/C++ injection MapReduce for C (MR4C) is an open source framework built to run native C and C++ code on Hadoop. Read More

10. Splunk Leads Tiny Big Data Market In 2014 Splunk took in more revenue than the top three Hadoop distributions combined coming in at $450.9 million in revenue. Read More

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