Hadoop Happenings: Hortonworks IPO; Experts Weigh In

By November 11, 2014


Grab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week Hortonworks filed paperwork to take the first step toward an Initial Public Offering. A post from Micron evaluated the value of SSDs for Hadoop, and CenturyLink sought to simplify the process for configuring a Cloudera cluster.

1. The team that created Kafka is leaving LinkedIn to build a company around it Three LinkedIn engineers are leaving the company to form their own business centered around Apache Kafka called Confluent. Read More

2. Hadoop Startup Hortonworks has filed for an IPO Hortonworks filed paperwork with the SEC for an initial public offering. In 2014 the company earned $33 million in revenue but operated at a loss of $88 million. Read More

3. Hortonworks First Hadoop Vendor to File S-1 Hortonworks filed its S-1 paperwork in a first step toward an initial public offering, making it the first Hadoop vendor to file for an IPO. Read More

4. Why the Hortonworks IPO could be a bellwether for Hadoop In this post Derrick Harris evaluates how Hortonworks’ IPO may impact other Hadoop vendors and whether the IPO will be a success. Read More

5. Big data without analytics is just data A panel of thought leaders discuss whether IT or business units drive big data strategy, the importance of analytics not just data, and right time data vs. real time data. Read More

6. NoSQL in a Hadoop World This post provides an overview of the tools in the Hadoop ecosystem and how to choose which tools to use. Read More

7. Hadoopnomics to Spur Hadoop Enterprise Adoption in 2015 Forrester research is predicting mass adoption of Hadoop in 2014 thanks to SQL on Hadoop and compelling economics. Read More

8. CenturyLink Makes Deploying Cloudera Hadoop Clusters on its Cloud Easy CenturyLink Technology Solutions introduced six new “blueprints” that automate many of the steps required to configure a cluster in Cloudera. Read More

9. Hadoop + SSDs Don’t Create Great Value– Yet This post evaluates whether SSDs provide value to Hadoop users and how SSDs can be adapted to provide more value. Read More

10. Expert Interview with Christian Prokopp An interview with Christian Prokopp, Principal Consultant at Big Data Partnership, discusses big data use cases and market trends. Read More

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