Hadoop Happenings: Hadoop Lingo; Focus on Growth

By October 31, 2014


Grab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week discussion focused on Hadoop’s place in the enterprise, data governance and the growing need for data migration tools.

1. Four tips for putting business users in touch with Hadoop There are four main drivers and challenges to adopting Hadoop including lack of necessary skill and uncontrolled data quality. Read More

2. Breaking down Hadoop Lingo Part 1: HDFS This series of blog posts goes into detail on the infrastructure and purpose of the tools in the Hadoop ecosystem. Read More

3. A reminder from Lockheed Martin that big data can be a slow process Not every business has the capacity to adapt like web-based companies. Some, like Lockheed Martin, must strike a delicate balance when adopting big data. Read More

4. If Hadoop Disappears, Will the Label on Your Distro Matter? This article argues that as Hadoop evolves the most important factor will be having a vendor that can help you keep up with the changes. Read More

5. Hadoop Finds Its Place in the Enterprise Vendors and analysts weigh in on the status of Hadoop in the enterprise. Read More

6. Hadoop’s growth opens up demand for data migration tools As Hadoop goes mainstream, a need for data migration tools is spurring the growth of a new industry. Read More

7. Xplently Raised $3M for Cloud-Based Enterprise Hadoop Xplenty has raised $3 million that will go toward marketing and advancing its Hadoop in the Cloud product. Read More

8. Hadoop in Advertising: How Big Data Helps Make Smart Decisions Better analytics, personalized marketing and more relevant consumer recommendations are all applications of Hadoop in advertising. Read More

9. Hadoop, Data Lakes, Predictive Analytics and the Ultimate Demise of Information Governance – Part One Ralph Losey, a practicing attorney, tackles the governance vs. search debate. Read More

10. Big Data Glossary- 20 Hadoop Terms Defined Grasping the Hadoop vocabulary can be a challenge. This post provides an overview of common terms. Read More

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