Hadoop Happenings: Focus on the Cloud, Summer Conferences

By June 2, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Check out this week’s and last week’s most popular content on Hadoop. The past two weeks there’s been a lot of attention on the benefits Hadoop in the cloud. Invitations to summer conferences have also begun.

Week Ending May 23

1. Yahoo Betting on Apache Hive, Tez and Yarn – This comprehensive post dives into why Yahoo decided to adopt Apache Hive after using Apache Pig, which was developed at Yahoo, for years. Read More

2. The data center demands of selling Hadoop have Cloudera eyeing the cloud – As Cloudera’s own datacenter continues to grow, it looks to the cloud to help meet growing demand. Read More

3. Western Union uses big data to stop wire transfer fraud – An overview of how Western Union is using big data to detect fraud. Read More

4. Big Data, what have you done for me lately? – This post looks at some of the barriers companies run into when they are seeking to leverage big data analytics. Read More

5. Yahoo’s former CTO thinks Hadoop’s data wizardry works best as a service – This VentureBeat posts jumps into why businesses should consider Hadoop as a Service rather than running their own distribution. Read More

6. Hadoop’s Uncomfortable Fit in HPC – A comprehensive look at why high-performance computing has been slow to adopt Hadoop and what needs to change in order for Hadoop to become a solution for HPC. Read More

7. Hortonworks, BMC team up to support Hadoop automation – Hortonworks has created a strategic partnership with BMC, a maker of a software automation system. The system can be integrated with Hadoop and is supposed to speed up Hadoop implementation. Read More

8. To help Hadoop adoption, Hortonworks to make security tools open-source – Since its acquisition of XA Secure, Hortonworks plans to make the tools open-source in order to improve Hadoop’s security. Read More

9. Syncsort brings Hadoop ETL to EC2 – An overview of Syncsort’s expansion to the public cloud with the release of a specialized version of its data migration solution built to run on AWS. Read More

10. Pig as a Service: Hadoop challenges data warehouses – This post dives deep into the advantages of using Pig as a Service for Hadoop data projects. Read More

Week Ending May 30

1. Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft Azure HDInsight – Microsoft offers an ebook with an overview of big data and Hadoop as well as a step by step process for using HDInsight for a specific use case. Read More

2. Ex-Yahoo CTO on the future of Hadoop and the evolution of search – An interview with the CEO of Altiscale on why Hadoop matters and where it is headed. Read More

3. Your Data Warehouse on Hadoop – This post examines why the author believes Hadoop will not replace the data warehouse. Read More

4. Hadoop and Cloud Computing: collision course or happy symbiosis? – An in-depth look at the convergence of Hadoop and the cloud with the author providing his own take on a recent Forester report claiming the two trends don’t mesh. Read More

5. Hadoop in the enterprise: how to start small and grow to success – Gigaom released a research report outlining steps for introducing Hadoop in an enterprise environment and the best use cases for early adoption. Read More

6. 7 Reasons to Get Ready for Hadoop Summit San Jose – Details on the upcoming Hadoop Summit San Jose including keynote speakers Merv Adrian and Tom Davenport. Read More

7. Apache lights a fire under Hadoop with Spark – An overview of Apache Spark, a faster alternative to MapReduce. Read More

8. Spark Internals – This SlideShare from TreasureData runs through Spark Internals. Read More

9. Hadoop Summit 2014, North America – Another invitation to the Hadoop Summit in San Jose this June. Read More

10. Hadoop Sector will Have Annual Growth of 58% for 2013-2020 – A new report indicates the Hadoop market will grow to $50.2 billion by 2020. Read More


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