Weekly Roundup: Hadoop Happenings ending March 7

By March 10, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

1. 9 Myths about Hadoop

Edureka’s blog post addressed some of the myths floating around about Hadoop and clarifies what Hadoop is and what it can be used for. Read More

2. The Defense Department’s Data Strategy: Huge, massive and distributed

This article covers highlights from an interview with Ely Kahn, who has worked in national security for more than a decade. The interview covers baking security into Hadoop-based technology as well as impending cyber security threats. Read More

3. Amazon and IBM vs. Open Source Hadoop: Bigness May Not Beat Quality

This article discusses the findings of a Forrester report on whether open source startups or proprietary vendors will ultimately dominate the Hadoop market. The author finds several flaws with the original report. Read More

4. 5 Things to Lessen Your Anxiety about Big Data

This article provide five pieces of insight about big data from Tom Davenport, an analytics expert and author of Big Data @ Work. Read More

5. Hadoop Jobs: 8 Resume Do’s and Don’ts

Considering getting a job working with Hadoop? Check out Kevin Casey’s tips for what to include and what not to in your resume in order to get an interview. Read More

6. Here are 10 Essential Hadoop tools to Work with Big Data

This article covers the basic tools that make up the Hadoop ecosystem. Read More

7. Modern Oil and Gas Architectures Built with Hadoop

Hortonworks demonstrates how some of its oil and gas customers are using Hadoop to gain new insights. The article provides a reference architecture and use case examples. Read More

8. 6 Reasons Why Hadoop on the Cloud Makes Sense

Hadoop in the Cloud has been getting a lot of attention, and this article discusses six reasons why using Hadoop in the cloud makes sense. Read More

9. Hadoop Myths Dispelled

As with any new technology, there are a lot of myths about Hadoop. Learn the truth about three big myths in this blog post. Read More

10. A Guide to Checkpointing in Hadoop

A helpful guide to the purpose of checkpointing in HDFS as well as insight into how checkpointing works and ways to fix bugs. Read More

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