Weekly Roundup: Hadoop Happenings ending 3/14

By Nate PhilipMarch 17, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

1. 5 Things that Will Remake Big Data in the Next 5 Years

Derrick Harris identifies 5 trends in big data and discusses how big data and Hadoop will evolve over the next five years. Read More

2. Big Data is Not Hadoop-Part 1

This first post in a series on big data discusses the history of data management and identifies what big data is and why Hadoop was created. Read More

3. The Truth about MapReduce Performance on SSDs

Cloudera shares the results of its study on whether SSDs accelerate MapReduce workloads. Read More

4. Google Cloud Platform Blog: What Lipstick can reveal about your Hadoop Pipeline

This post by Google Cloud Platform introduces a tool for Apache Pig called Netflix Lipstick. Read More

5. Adaptive Storage: Rethinking How Hadoop Clusters Are Optimized

At January’s Open Compute Hackathon, the winner was Adaptive Storage, which was developed by a team of engineers from several companies. Click to learn more about the winner. Read More

6. Hadoop and NoSQL Now Data Warehouse-Worthy: Gartner

For the first time Gartner included non-relational technologies in its Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouses report. Read More

7. Seeking Hadoop best practices for production

This post provides and overview of a panel discussion on best practices for Hadoop production. Read More

8. Job Scheduling in Hadoop

This Slideshare goes in depth into the weaknesses of Hadoop and discusses how a cloud service model overcomes those weaknesses. Read More

9. Offloading Legacy with Hadoop

This article goes over an interview with Syncsort CEO Lonne Jaffe and discusses the company’s plans with Hadoop. Read More

10. Hadoop Market Worth $50 Billion by 2020

This post goes over a report by Allied Market about the growth of the Hadoop market. Read More


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