Hadoop Happenings: How-to Guides and Provider Overviews

By April 29, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

This week, education was the focus from a look at Hadoop hardware leaders to in-depth data analytics guides.

1. Why Hortonworks’ Hadoop Pitch May Be Perfect – This post evaluated Hortonworks’ choice to stick with the open source version of Hadoop without adding on proprietary software. Read More

2. Automated Install of HDP 2.1 for Hadoop on Windows – An overview of how to automate the Hortonworks Data Platform on Windows. Read More

3. 10 Hadoop Hardware Leaders – A look at 10 of the biggest providers of the hardware behind a Hadoop infrastructure. Read More

4. Google Cloud Storage Connector for Hadoop: A Quick Start Guide – Step-by-step instructions on getting started with a Google Cloud Storage Connector through MapR. Read More

5. Using Apache Hadoop and Impala together with MySQL for data analysis – A guide for exporting data from Hadoop and loading it into Impala. Read More

6. MapReduce and Hadoop Course – A schedule of courses available on MapReduce and Hadoop. Read More

7. 6 Easy Steps: Deploy Pivotal’s Hadoop on Docker – A guide to using Pivotal’s virtualization solution for Hadoop. Read More

8. How to Facilitate Relational Reference: Generic, Sequence, and Table Sequence – This post takes you through a data analysis case, and the sequences used to solve it. Read More

9. H Is for Hadoop, along with a Huge Heap of Helpful Big Data Capabilities – A post defining some of the most common tools in the Hadoop ecosystem. Read More

10. What you missed in Big Data: Hadoop applications Watson at the forefront – An overview of Hadoop news and distributor announcements. Read More

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