Hadoop Happenings: Elephants, Expert Insights and Emerging Technologies

By May 12, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Check out a list of the top content on Hadoop from since the beginning of May. Spark was a major focus as was the announcement of a partnership between Cloudera and MongoDB. Interviews with insights from Hadoop experts also abounded. This week’s content went back to the basics exploring big data technology, big data use cases and the cloud. Interviews with Hadoop experts also abounded.

Week ending May 9, 2014

1. 5 technologies that will help big data cross the chasm – Big data is becoming more and more accessible as technology is created to create, collect and analyze big data. Derrick Harris explores five of these technologies. Read More

2. 3 bad business-intelligence habits that we need to break – This article identifies some bad habits businesses tend to have when using their data. Read More

3. Hadoop, big data, and the elephant in the room – This Venturebeat post proposes that instead of focusing on Hadoop, a low-level technology that takes a lot of expertise to use, the focus should shift to higher-level business solutions. Read More

4. EMC World 2014: Pivotal and Isilon Take Hadoop Prime Time in the Enterprise – An interview with Pivotal Vice President Todd Paoletti on Pivotal’s plans with Hadoop. Read More

5. Cloudera’s Strategy for Conquering Big Data the Enterprise – An interview with Cloudera’ CTO on the company’s strategy going forward. Read More

6. What is Hadoop, and how does it relate to cloud? – This article goes over the basics of big data, Hadoop and how they relate to the cloud. Read More

7. 5 Big Data Use Cases to Watch – A look at five major applications of big data. Read More

8. Job Postings for Python, NoSQL, Apache Hadoop Way Up This Year – A brief post presenting the percent increase in job postings related to big data technology. Read More

9. Hadoop Daddy Doug Cutting says there’s an elephant in the room – An interview with Doug Cutting, father of Hadoop and a look at the stuffed elephant the technology is named after. Read More

10. User recommendations using Hadoop, Flume, HBase and Log4J

TheCloudAvenue – Part 1 of a tutorial on how to show recommendations to a web user based on past user activity. Read More


Week ending May 2, 2014:

1. Cloudera and MongoDB enter into a deep product partnership – The announcement of the multi-faceted partnership between Cloudera and MongoDB was big news in the tech space this week. Read More

2. Introduction to Hadoop 2.0 – A comprehensive video on the Hadoop 2.0 architecture. Watch Now

3. Spark for Data Science: A Case Study – This case study takes you through the steps of completing a basic data analysis with Apache Spark, an open-source analytics cluster that works with the Hadoop ecosystem. Read More

3. Spark on Fire – An evaluation of the rise of Spark as Hadoop distributors continue to adopt the tool. Read More

4. Cloudera v Hortonworks: Hadoop to complement or replace data warehouse? – Another look at the dispute over whether Hadoop will complement or replace the traditional data warehouse. Read More

5. Datameer Bets Visual Analysis Beats SQL on Hadoop – This post provides insights into whether visual analysis directly on Hadoop data has a place alongside SQL-on-Hadoop tools. Read More

6. What you missed in Big Data: Hadoop applications Watson at the forefront. – A summary of the latest releases and vendor announcements in the Hadoop space. Read More

7. An Interview with Doug Cutting, the Founder of Hadoop – A transcript of an interview with the founder of Hadoop and his thoughts on the past and future of HDFS. Read More

8. Big Data & Brews: Pivotal’s Milind Bhandarkar on Why Hadoop is Like Rocket Science – A video interview with data scientist Milind Bhandarkar who discusses the early days of Hadoop and his professional experience. Read More

9. Hadoop Jobs: How One Exec Vets Talent – An interview with the CEO of Think Big Analytics, Ron Bodkin, on what he looks for in candidates for Hadoop positions. Read More

10. Hadoop in the Cloud – A video answering some common questions about Hadoop in the Cloud. Read More

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