Hadoop Happenings: Product Announcements; Data Logisitics

By Nate PhilipOctober 17, 2014


Grab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week several companies made product announcements, an article from Forbes discussed data logistics and minimizing technical debt, and an interview with the author of Big Data @ Work was released.

1. Databricks demolishes big data benchmark to prove Spark is fast on disk, too Databricks ran a performance test of Apache Spark on solid-state drives and beat a benchmark record using MapReduce. Read More

2. HBase and Hive- Better Together This post discusses blending operational and analytics in Hadoop with the tools already available in the Hadoop ecosystem. Read More

3. Big Data startup Mortar expands beyond Hadoop using tech created at Spotify Mortar, a big data startup, now offers support for complex data-processing pipelines in the form of a managed version of Luigi. Read More

4. Rackspace Supercharges Big Data with New Hadoop and Spark Bare Metal Solutions Rackspace announced its OnMetal Cloud Big Data Platform that gives customers access to bare metal Hadoop via the cloud. Read More

5. How to Build a Debt-Free Data Logistics Capability Adoptions of data storage systems like Hadoop incurs technical debt. This post looks at how to minimize technical debt and move data efficiently. Read More

6. Microsoft adds Apache Storm analytics-processing support to Hadoop on Azure As of October 15, Microsoft offers a preview of Apache Storm in its Hadoop-on-Azure Service. Read More

7. Mobile Video Big Data Architecture with Spring XD/Hadoop/HAWQ/Redis: Measuring Live Usage This post discusses how a big data platform can be used to measure video usage through mobile applications. Read More

8. OpenStack hooks up with Hadoop to bring big data to the cloud OpenStack’s latest version, called Juno, includes a new feature that allows users to run Hadoop applications in OpenStack. Read More

9. Hortonworks is pitching an object store for Hadoop Hortonworks proposed building a Hadoop object store called Ozone in order to make it more compelling as a cloud data store. Read More

10. Tom Davenport on Hadoop, Big Data and the Internet of Things- Part 1 An interview with Tom Davenport, author of Big Data @ Work. Read More

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