Hadoop Happenings: Breaking the Silicon Valley Bubble

By Nate PhilipOctober 12, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Grab all of the latest news and commentary in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week Teradata formed a new partnership with Cloudera and discussion centered on Hadoop’s breaking out of the Silicon Valley bubble. Arguments for big data in the cloud were also highlighted.

1. Hadoop: Breaking out of the Silicon Valley bubble There are four drivers that have propelled Hadoop from the Silicon Valley bubble into the mainstream. Read More

2. How to Think About Partnerships in the Enterprise Hadoop Ecosystem This post provides and overview of the breadth and depth of Hortonworks’ partnerships with other companies. Read More

3. Teradata doubles down on Hadoop again, this time in the cloud and with Cloudera Teradata and Cloudera signed a partnership agreement, Teradata is launching its own Hadoop cloud service. Read More

4. Hadoop in the Wild: These are the 3 biggest challenges This post discusses three pain points of using Hadoop clusters and common workarounds offered by vendors. Read More

5. Hadoop Online Training This extensive course is designed for professionals interested in a career in Hadoop and big data analytics. Read More

6. Hadoop Wins Converts Outside Silicon Valley This post discusses the evolution of Hadoop and the rise of its wide-spread adoption. Read More

7. Gigaom Research webinar: Apache Hadoop: Is one cluster enough? A research panel will discuss whether it makes since to partition data between clusters in Hadoop. Read More

8. Thinking About Hadoop? Why Your CMO should Consider Big Data as a Service Instead As businesses consider using big data for marketing, they should consider the pros of using a service option over an on-premise solution. Read More

9. Trifacta v2 Simplifies Hadoop Analytics Trifacta, a data transformation platform provider, announced the release of version two of its platform. Read More

10. Red Hat Storage Server 3 Advances File Storage and Apache Hadoop Big Data Services Red Hat’s latest release will be better suited for intense workloads, such as big data. Read More

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