Weekly Roundup: Hadoop Happenings Ending 4/11

By April 14, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

This week Teradata’s announcement of new features sparked a round of articles debating the impact Hadoop will have on legacy databases. There was also commentary on data quality and the release of Hadoop 2.4.0.

1. The Big Data Challenge to Legacy Data Management Companies

This New York Times post discusses the impact Hadoop will have on legacy data software suppliers, such as Teradata. Read More

2. Teradata Says Hadoop is Good for Business

Another post examining the impact Hadoop will have on Teradata. Teradata recently announced a new set of features and claimed that its technology is complementary to Hadoop. Read More

3. Apache Hadoop 2.4.0 Released!

The Apache Hadoop community voted for the second Hadoop release of 2014. Check out the announcement from Hortonworks to learn about the new enhancements. Read More

4. Why Hadoop isn’t Killing the Data Warehouse

Matt Asay from readwrite argues that while Hadoop is a growing technology, it won’t grow at the expense of the data warehouse. Read More

5. Hadoop founder says future of big data looks like, well, Hadoop

An overview of a recent presentation by Hadoop founder Doug Cutting. Read More

6. The Small Print: You’re going to have to clean up all that big data

This Venture Beat Post discusses the quality and validity of the data organizations are collecting, and the problem with using inconsistent data. Read More

7. Hadoop’s rise: Why you don’t need petabytes for a big data opening

An excellent article addressing a common myth about Hadoop: you need large volumes of data for big data analytics. Read More

8. Fastest Auto-Scaling Hadoop Service Now on Google Cloud

Qubole’s own announcement that its Hadoop Service is now available on the Google Cloud made quite a bit of social traction. Read More

9. The Data Economy: Understanding the Hadoop-Data warehouse balance of power

Silicon Angle’s take on the Hadoop vs. legacy data warehouse debate. Read More

10. Hadoop IT Training Course Schedule

For those interested in in-depth Hadoop training courses, here’s a handy schedule of courses. Read More



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