Announcing Qubole’s Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

By Nate PhilipMarch 3, 2014

Qubole Hadoop Happenings

With so much great content and news about Hadoop coming out every week, we’ve decided to add a new feature to our blog, sharing the most talked about content around the web from the past week. To kick things off, here is the most popular content from the past six months.

1. Facebook open sources its SQL-on-Hadoop engine, and the web rejoices

There was much ado when Facebook opened sourced Presto, its interactive SQL-on-Hadoop engine. Facebook claimed that the engine was 10 times faster than Hive. Read More

2. Hadoop Yarn

Hortonworks’ Hadoop YARN page explains the purpose of the new addition to Hadoop 2.0. YARN separates the resource management and processing components of Hadoop and performs several functions. Read More

3. Don’t use Hadoop – your data isn’t that big

Chris Stucchio’s post debated whether organizations really need Hadoop if they have less than 5 TB of data. Read More

Read Ashish Thusoo’s, Co-Founder and CEO of Qubole, response to Chris Stucchio’s article on, Don’t Use Hadoop, Your Stovepipe Still Works.

4. Impala: Another Google Inspired Platform Enters The Mainstream Data World

The news that Amazon Web Services had added support for Impala, a query tool developed by Cloudera, got its fair share of attention from the tech news space. Read More

5. Facebook Big Data Guru Tries to Work Himself Out of a Job

When he worked at Facebook, Johnathan Gray developed a system called Puma, which provided users a platform to build data-driven applications. Now, he’s striving to bring that technology to the masses in his own company. Read More

6. Improving the Big Data Toolkit

The release of Hadoop 2.0 provided a more versatile operating environment that opened the door to real-time data streams. Read More

7. Why Proprietary Big Data Technologies Have no Hope of Competing with Hadoop

Matt Asay argues that Hadoop democratizes Big Data, giving it a huge advantage over proprietary options. Read More

8. YARN: Weaving the Future of Hadoop

YARN, the major innovation in Hadoop 2.0, allows users to use Hadoop’s storage and cluster management capabilities outside of MapReduce. Read More

9. Easier, faster and lower cost Big Data processing with the Google Cloud Storage Connector for Hadoop

Amazon released a preview of its Google Cloud Storage connector for Hadoop January of this year. Read More

10. Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce

This class from Udacity covers the fundamental principles behind Hadoop and how to use Hadoop to make sense of your data. Read More

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