Hadoop Happenings: Getting Started with Data Analytics

By Nate PhilipAugust 22, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly RoundupGrab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop all in one place. This week’s focus went back to the basics with popular content covering what Hadoop is, what it can do and how to get started. IBM also presented use case videos for big data in the enterprise.

1. What’s Hadoop, can I use it This post provides an overview of what Hadoop is, who is currently using Hadoop and some of the uses for Hadoop. Read More

2. How Apache Hadoop Helps SAS Paul Kent, VP of Big Data at SAS shares his experience using Apache Hadoop YARN. Read More

3.  Hadoop Gets Real A discussion with four Hadoop vendors uncovers how Hadoop is becoming more user friendly with lower costs and better security. Read More

4. SAS high-performance capabilities with Hadoop YARN This post provides an overview of the benefits of integrating SAS HPA with Hadoop YARN. Read More

5. Discover How Financial Services Firms Use Hadoop to Reduce Risk and Accelerate Earnings The financial services industry can benefit greatly from big data. Here are seven common use cases for Hadoop in the industry. Read More

6. IBM Big Data in a Minute: Bringing the Power of Hadoop to the Enterprise This video in IBM’s one-minute video series discusses how Hadoop and the data warehouse can work together to optimize the cost of ownership. Read More

7. Hadoop is only a ‘landing zone’, THEN you start big data analytics This post argues that pushing data from Hadoop to a data analytics platform is the best route to take for big data analytics. Read More

8. Hadoop 101: An Explanation of the Hadoop Ecosystem This post discusses the basics of the Hadoop Ecosystem. Read More

9. Big Data, Hadoop- Where do I start from? For those looking to get started with big data, you may want to check out some of the resources in this post. Read More

10. IBM BigInsights for Hadoop: The right tool for the job This video provides a brief introduction to IBM InfoSphere BigInsights. Read More

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