Hadoop Happenings: Growth, Jabs and Questions

By March 24, 2015


Grab the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week discussion continued on the Hadoop vs. Spark debate. Security continues to be a top concern with enterprises adopting Hadoop, and big data adoption continues to grow.

1. Is Apache Spark going to replace Hadoop? This post answers questions about Apache Spark from what it is, to why it is so popular, to whether it will replace Hadoop. Read More

2. This new startup lets the math nerds unleash their brilliance on your business Startup Sense offers data scientists access to a supercomputer in an effort to give them the tools necessary to do more with big data. Read More

3. Beyond Hadoop: The streaming future of big data Streaming analytics is a great complement to batch-oriented systems like Hadoop, but technology like Apache Spark won’t completely replace Hadoop. Read More

4. The Top Five Reasons SQL-on-Hadoop Keeps CIOs Awake at Night In a conversation with its C-Level customers, Vertica uncovered five common concerns about SQL-on-Hadoop. Read More

5. Cloudera Doesn’t Spark Hadoop Wars, Really? Cloudera hasn’t been holding back when it comes to taking a jab at their competitors, especially after the recent announcement of the Open Data Platform. Read More

6. Users Wonder: Can Hadoop Protect Our Big Data? Many Hadoop users are uncertain about security, but they are pushing forward with their big data initiatives anyway. Read More

7. Hortonworks Woes Won’t Stop Other Hadoop IPO Plans Despite Hortonworks’ lagging shares, Talend, Cludera and MapR plan on filing for IPOs in the next 18 months. Read More

8. Wanted: Intelligence Middleware that Simplifies Big Data Analytics There have been tremendous advances in the big data analytics space, but there is still a gap when it comes to middleware. Read More

9. The Big Data Challenge: Generating Actionable Insight Michael Nevski, a marketing consultant, shares his thoughts on the barriers marketers face to use big data. Read More

10. 56% of Enterprises will Increase their Investment in Big Data over the Next Three Years A survey of IT decision makers found using big data will become crucial to an organization’s future success. Read More

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