Hadoop Happenings: Google Abandons MapReduce, Splice Machine Goes Beta

By June 30, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Check out this week’s top content and stories about Hadoop. Google’s announcement that it was abandoning MapReduce for a new analytics system created waves in the Hadoop community with some predicting Hadoop’s demise and others praising continued progress. Splice Machine released a beta version of its real-time relational database on Hadoop, and Dell partnered with Intel and Cloudera.

1. The Elephant was a Trojan Horse: On the Death of MapReduce at Google With Google’s announcement that it is no longer using MapReduce, this post covers the legacy of MapReduce, and its role in the shift in data processing architectures. Read More

2. Google Dumps MapReduce in Favor of New Hyper-Scale Analytics System Google has abandoned MapReduce in favor of a new cloud analytics system called Cloud Dataflow. Read More

3. Google Just Made Big Data Expertise Much Tougher to Fake Another post covering Google’s announcement of its adoption of Cloud Dataflow. The author argues that big data technology is moving away from Hadoop. Read More

4. What’s Hadoop? Here’s a Simple Explanation for Everyone Bernard Marr covers the basics of what Hadoop is and what it can be used for in this blog post. Read More

5. 4 reasons why Spark could jolt Hadoop into hyperdrive This interview with Matei Zaharia, one of the creators of Spark, covers Spark’s growing popularity and how it fits into the big data ecosystem. Read More

6. Monte Zweben’s Splice Machine Introduces New Hadoop RDBMS Splice Machine has announced that its real-time relational database management system is now available as a public beta. Read More

7. Dell to build in-memory Hadoop appliances with Cloudera and Intel Dell has announced a partnership with Cloudera and Intel working on an appliance designed to speed the performance of Hadoop. Read More

8. Using Apache Hadoop for Operational Analytics This post from IBM explores using Hadoop for real-time analytics. Read More

9. Hadoop specialist WANdisco acquires HBase-like startup OhmData WANdisco, a company that deals in Hadoop and HBase system failures, has acquired HBase startup OhmData. Read More

10. Hadoop analysis now tackling IoT to improve transit Big data can play a huge role in the Internet of Things, as described in these transit use cases. Read More

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