Hadoop Happenings: Focus on the Internet of Things

By Nate PhilipSeptember 16, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly RoundupGrab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week, commentators explored the intersection of big data, Hadoop and the Internet of Things. Cisco and MapR released product announcements and several big data case studies were released.

1. Hadoop Basics Course This Hadoop Basics course offers a free overview of Hadoop in 8 hours. Read More

2. The Internet of Things will be Huge, and So Will Hadoop Cloudera’s co-founder Mike Olson and Bosch’s Dirk Slama discuss the intersection of big data and the Internet of Things. Read More

3. The Internet of Things will turn Hadoop architectures on their head This post discusses common requirement for an IoT data processing platform. Read More

4. The Internet of Things, Hadoop, and the Big Data Approach This post also offers commentary on the convergence of big data and the Internet of Things. Read More

5. What you missed in Big Data: Hadoop bandwagon gets even more crowded Several companies made announcements this week including Cisco and MapR. Read More

6. Hadoop Poses a Big Data Security Risk: 10 Reasons Why with any new technology, Hadoop comes with its own security concerns, this slide deck provides an overview of common concerns with Hadoop. Read More.

7. What is Hadoop and Why Should a Supply Chain Professional Care? This post provides a brief overview of Hadoop and what it means for the supply chain industry. Read More

8. How a Web Analytics Firm Turbo-Charged Its Hadoop ETL comScore uses an assortment of tools to manage its big data. The company discusses its product choices in this article. Read More

9. Real-Time Stream Processing as Game Changer in a Big Data World with Hadoop and Data Warehouse This article provides an overview of stream processing, including what it is, when to use it and how it fits into the Hadoop framework. Read More

10. Hadoop Basics – Creating a MapReduce Program This post provides a basic tutorial for using Hadoop’s MapReduce. Read More

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