Hadoop Happenings: Curing Parkinson’s; Vendor Predictions

By Nate PhilipAugust 18, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly RoundupGrab all of the latest Hadoop news and commentary all in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. An article from VentureBeat looked at how Intel plans to use big data for Parkinson’s research. A new research report suggested the future of Hadoop may lie in the cloud, and an analyst predicted MapR would be the first large distribution to be acquired.

1. Intel’s contribution to solving Parkinson’s: big data Intel is partnering with Michael J. Foundation for Parkinson’s Research on a study that will look for patterns in the data collected by patients’ wearable devices. Read More

2. Announcing Apache Argus: A Clarion Call Hortonworks has contributed the technology of its acquisition, XA Secure, to the Apache Software Foundation as Apache Argus. Read More

3. MapR Says Its Hadoop Tweaks Scale to Meet IoT Volumes In this post, MapR argues that its Hadoop offering better meets the needs of IoT workloads. Read More

4. Discover How Telcos Use Hadoop for Service, Security and Sales A White Paper discusses the 21 common uses cases Telcos and Cable Companies have for Hadoop. Read More

5. Profiling Hadoop Jobs with Riemann This post outlines the results of a distributed profiler built on the Riemann monitoring system. Read More

6. Companies Run Hadoop Data Via the Cloud A new research report suggests enterprises should look at Hadoop in the Cloud over an on-premise Hadoop solution. Read More

7. Will the worlds of Hadoop and Big Data combine or collide? An interview with the Team Lead of Database Services with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Assoc. discussed the convergence of big data and Hadoop and its impact on compliance in the healthcare sector. Read More

8. Hadoop, Enterprise Data Hubs, and You This post looks at the requirements for Hadoop in an Enterprise Data Hub. Read More

9. Hortonworks-HP deal counters Intel-Cloudera investment says Furrier In this interview, analyst Jeff Kelly discusses the value of big data, the Hadoop bubble, and made predictions about the future of major Hadoop distributions. Read More

10. When to Use Hadoop (and when not to) Hadoop has a lot to offer for big data analytics, but this article suggest looking elsewhere for real-time analytics. Read More


Discover How Telcos Use Hadoop for Service, Security and Sales

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