Hadoop Happenings: Cloud Rises

By Jonathan BuckleyApril 14, 2015


Grab the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week focus turned to the cloud as more vendors are seeking to offer cloud deployments. Apple and IBM also teamed up to offer more advanced digital health data, and Think Big released its Dashboard Engine for Hadoop.

1. Why Cybersecurity Needs Big Data Tech, Especially Hadoop Cyber threats are growing rapidly, and security experts are banking on Hadoop to help them keep up. Read More

2. Hortonworks Keeps Time with Hadoop’s Cloud March

The Hortonworks’ Tim Hall discusses this week’s acquisition of SequenceIQ as the company seeks to provide availability for cloud deployments. Read More

3. Need to plumb Hadoop data lakes? This new tool can help Think Big released its Dashboard Engine for Hadoop, a tool that gives summarized Hadoop data in less than a second. Read More

4. Apple and IBM say big data will save lives Apple and IBM have teamed up to use big data analytics to improve digital health monitoring. Read More

5. Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Understand Big Data When enterprises think about big data, they need to consider integrating all types of data within the project. Read More

6. How big data could help you face the next polar vortex New software called WeatherBug Home uses data from its sensor network and the consumption habits of the user to adjust the home’s thermostat for maximum efficiency. Read More

7. Vendors race to provide big data infrastructure This article predicts a shift away from on-premise deployments and an increase in deployments on the cloud. Read More

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