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Hadoop Happenings: A Re-framing of Hadoop




Grab all the latest news and commentary on Hadoop in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week a guest post on the Hortonworks blog discussed Apache Ranger, AutoDesk discussed its plans for Hadoop and the cloud, and several sites weighed in on how Hadoop will continue to transform as an enterprise solution.

1. Hadoop Security: Is it a Different Paradigm?

Hortonworks.com- A guest post on the Hortonworks blog discusses security in Hadoop and some of the features of Apache Ranger. Read More

2. Startup Spotlight: Qubole’s Hadoop-as-a-Service

EnterpriseAppsToday.com- Editor Ann All provides an overview of Qubole and highlights Qubole’s customer Pinterest in this spotlight. Read More

3. Big Data and Banking- More than Hadoop

Sys-con.com- This post discusses the role Hadoop can play in the banking industry from risk management to operations optimization. Read More

4. Top Keynotes at Strata Conference and Strata + Hadoop World 2014

OReilly.com- This post provides a curation of the top keynote speakers from the Strata conference series in 2014. Read More

5. Will this be the Year of Hadoop? 6 predictions for 2015

SiliconAngle.com- Vendors and analysts weigh in on what the future holds for Hadoop, including market consolidation and no more skills shortage. Read More

6. Hadoop, Cassandra vendors see NoSQL applications emerge

Diginomica.com- Presentations at the Cassandra Summit in London focused on the emergence of NoSQL applications. Read more

7. Will 2015 be the ‘year of re-platforming’ as firms move wholesale to NoSQL and Hadoop?

Computing.co.uk- An interview with Couchbase CEO discusses the growth of NoSQL, Hadoop and open-source BI tools. Read More

8. The Hadoop Behind AutoDesk’s Cloud Ambitions

Datanami.com- Autodesk is turning to Hadoop, the cloud and big data to mine for better customer insights. Read More

9. Hadoop in the Enterprise

Zdnet.com- Timo Elliot warns CIOs they should be taking Hadoop seriously and work on integrating the technology with current systems. Read More

10. Hadoop Needs to Grow Up

Itbusinessedge.com- This post argues that enterprises need a tool on top of Hadoop that allows them to model the big data systems they need. Read More

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