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Hadoop Happenings: The Past and Future of Hadoop


Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Check out this week’s most popular content about Hadoop. There was a lot of discussion this week about the history of Hadoop and how it will continue to be used as the technology transforms. CBInsights also offered a comparison of Hadoop vs. NoSQL vendor funding.

1. Cloudera: Impala’s it for interactive SQL on Hadoop; everything else will move to Spark

Gigaom.com- Cloudera’s Mike Olson says his company is embracing Spark, but it will not replace Impala. Read More

2. How a little open source project came to dominate big data

Fortune.com- This overview of the evolution of Hadoop features insights from industry analysts and the founders of Hadoop, Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella. Read More

3. Enterprise Hadoop: It’s What’s Next for Data Management

Hortonworks.com- Hadoop has transformed from a MapReduce processing engine to a flexible processing engine for the enterprise. Read More

4. Google’s MapReduce Divorce Does Not Mean End of Hadoop is Near

DataCenterKnowledge.com- Google’s adoption of Cloud Dataflow is not a signal that the end of Hadoop is near. Read More

5. Survey finds Hadoop is too slow, big data is too complex

TechRadar.com- A small survey by Paradigm4 uncovered some of the difficulties data scientists have when working with big data. Read More

6. Hadoop’s success drives efforts to make it more secure

CSOOnline.com- This post discusses the efforts to make Hadoop more secure as it continues to gain traction with the enterprise. Read More

7. Hadoop vs. NoSQL – Which Big Data Technology Has Raised More Funding?

CBInsights.com- This post provides a comparison of the amount of funding Hadoop vs. NoSQL vendors are taking in. Read More

8. Hadoop Market to hit $50 Billion by 2020

Channelnomics.com- Sales of Hadoop technology is forecasted to reach $50.2 billion by 2020 worldwide. Read More

9. Hadoop : What It Is & How to Get Started

Techquark.com- This post provides an introduction to what Hadoop is and how to start learning more about it. Read More

10. HP in the Middle : Vertica is happy between traditional data warehouses and Hadoop 

SiliconAngle.com- This interview with Colin Mahony, VP of HP Vertica, discusses its place between the traditional data warehouse and Hadoop. Read More

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