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Hadoop Happenings: Apache Pig 0.14.0



Grab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week a new version of Apache Pig was released. Forrester has a new report reviewing the Hadoop ecosystem, and LinkedIn provided details about its Gobblin big data framework.

1. Storage Hangout: Hadoop Plug-in Refresh Release and Ambari Project with Erin Boyd

Redhatstorage.com- An interview with Erin Boyd, principle software engineer of Red Hat Big Data, discusses the Hadoop Plug-in Refresh release. Read More

2. LinkedIn explains its complex Gobblin big data framework

Gigaom.com- LinkedIn provides a more in-depth look at Gobblin, a tool developed by LinkedIn that acts as a gateway to Hadoop for its many external data sources. Read More

3. Announcing Apache Pig 0.14.0

Hortonworks.com- The Apache community released its latest version of Apache Pig, featuring Pig on Tez. Read More

4. The Best Approach to Managing Hadoop

Gigaom.com- This article proposes a third approach to Hadoop adoption: implementing a management layer on top of an on-premise Hadoop solution. Read More

5. What do Marketers need to Know about Hadoop?

Gartner.com- This post provides a simplified explanation of big data, parallel processing, MapReduce and big data. Read More

6. Elephants, Pigs, Rhinos and Giraphs; Oh My! – It’s Time to Get a Handle on Hadoop

Forrester.com- Forrester released a report providing an overview of the Hadoop ecosystem. Read More

7. MapR, Teradata Expand Hadoop-Based Analytics Partnership

eWeek.com- MapR and Teradata expanded their partnership to integrate their technologies and align their product roadmaps. Read More

8. Open source Hadoop distributor Hortonworks sets terms for $78 million IPO

Nasdaq.com- Hortonworks announced it plans to raise $78 million with 6 million shares at a price range of $12 to $14 in its IPO terms. Read More

9. Big Data (Hadoop) and Master Data Management

Profisee.com- This post provides an overview of how Hadoop works and why it is beneficial. Read More

10. Big Data… Is Hadoop the good way to start?

JavaCodeGeeks.com- Starting a Hadoop project without a goal in mind often turns Hadoop into a data dumping ground. Start with the “why” first. Read More

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