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Hadoop Happenings: Small Data and Data Governance


Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Grab the latest news and commentary on Hadoop all in one place. This week, Google announced a new data-warehousing system called Mesa. Cloudera made the argument that Hadoop is moving toward small data, and the importance of data governance was a hot topic.

1. Hadoop for Small Data

Cloudera.com- This blog post discusses the growing possibilities of using Hadoop for small data. Read More

2. Google’s Latest invention: a data-warehousing system named Mesa

Venturebeat.com- Google has created a new data warehouse system called Mesa, which processes petabytes of data is real time. Read More

3. SQL-on-Hadoop startup Splice Machine adds $3M in funding

Gigaom.com- Splice Machine added $3 million in funding to its series B round of venture capital. Read More

4. Enterprise Ready Hadoop by RainStor

Insightaas.com- This post covers updates to data archive vendor RainStor. Read More

5. You have to manage your Data Lake- the fallacy of technology being magic

Capgemini.com- This response to a recent Gartner report highlights the importance of data governance when using big data. Read More

6. Hadoop Summit Curated Content: Apache Hadoop Security

Hortonworks.com- The recent Hadoop Summit featured several excellent sessions for Hadoop security administrators. Grab the video and slides here. Read More

7. Hadoop meets Google Docs: Analytics made easy

InfoWorld.com- Adatao is striving to make Hadoop easier to use by putting a web-friendly front end on Hadoop data. Read More

8. Best Hadoop Solution

DBTA.com- Cloudera won the 2014 DBTA Readers’ Choice Award for Best Hadoop Solution. Read More

9. Hadoop at a Crossroads?

CACM.org- This post offers commentary on the future of Hadoop based on recent product announcements by Hadoop vendors. Read More

10. Solix Launches Big Data Suite for Hadoop

Eweek.com- Solix announced the launch of a big data suite for Apache Hadoop. Read More

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