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Hadoop Happenings: Security Concerns



Grab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week Gigaom continued a series on the rivaling Hadoop security projects. Cloudian become a Hortonworks technology partner, and Information Week covered Hortonworks’ dilemma of becoming a profitable company while offering solely open source software.

1. Big data upstart MapR eyes late 2015 IPO

Fortune.com- An interview with MapR’s founder and CEO John Schroeder discusses the company’s plans for 2015, including an IPO later in the year. Read more

2. Hadoop security wars

Gigaom.com- Security companies recently acquired by Hortonworks and Cloudera coupled by overlapping Apache projects has led to speculation on which technology will come out the victor. Read More

3. Hortonworks, Talend Strengthen Stream Data Analytics

DataCenterKnowledge.com- Apache Storm is now supported in Talend 5.6 Read More

4. Are you Using Hadoop Properly?

InnovationEnterprise.com- This article discusses how enterprises should be using Hadoop and the importance of having the correct people and training. Read More

5. CIOs still don’t care about Hadoop data security

TechRepublic.com- Despite Hadoop’s move toward the mainstream, enterprises still don’t consider security a top concern for Hadoop adoption. Read More

6. Cloudian integrates Apache Hadoop to turn Big Data into ‘smart data’

SiliconAngle.com- Hybrid cloud vendor Cloudian Inc. is now fully integrated with Apache Hadoop and joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner program. Read More

7. 4 Practical Reasons to Learn Hadoop 2.0

Edureka.co- This post for engineers discusses the updates made in Hadoop 2.0, and why engineers should learn about the new version of Hadoop. Read More

8. Hortonworks’ Hadoop Dilemma: Get Rich Giving Ideas Away

InformationWeek.com- Hortonworks distributes an entirely open source distribution and freely shares its work with its competitors in its untraditional path to its goal to become leader of the Hadoop market. Read More

9. 5 Ways Big Data will Change Sales and Marketing in 2015

Inc.com- Marketing spend will become more precise and sales forecasting accuracy will improve dramatically a are two predictions for big data in the sales and marketing industries in 2015.  Read More

10. The Internet of Things has four big data problems

O’reilly.com- Building up the Internet of Thins without incorporating big data is a recipe for doom. Read More

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