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Hadoop Happenings: More Partnerships; Hadoop Matures


Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Check out the latest news and insights about Hadoop. This past week Hortonworks announced a partnerships with Pivotal. Gigaom released a research report on Hadoop 2.0, and a Forbes column discussed the impact of Hadoop on Supply Chain Management.

1. Hortonworks gains ground as its Hadoop management tool gets adoption at Pivotal

Venturebeat.com- Hortonworks and Pivotal announced that they will be collaborating on Apache Ambari, a tool for managing Hadoop clusters. Read More 

2. Has the Hadoop hype left you confused?

SAS.com-This brief post explains why you should be interested in Hadoop and provides a link to a video with an overview of the technology. Read More

3. Here’s why HP invested $50M in the Hortonworks approach to Hadoop

Gigaom.com- An interview with Hortonworks’ CEO discusses HP’s investment in the startup and the competitive landscape in Hadoop. Read More

4. Hortonworks, Pivotal team to better manage Hadoop

PCWorld.com- This post also covers the Hortonworks and Pivotal announcement that the two companies will collaborate on Apache Ambari. Read More

5. Moving Hadoop Beyond MapReduce

Gigaom.com- This research report outlines the current capabilities of Hadoop and how businesses are using it to gain real value. Read More

6. What is Hadoop and What Does it Mean for Supply Chain Management?

Forbes.com- In this post, Steve Banker, outlines why supply chain executives should be interested in Hadoop. Read More

7. Survey: Hadoop isn’t enough for Big Data developers

SDTimes.com- A survey of big data developers found that real-time processing is becoming increasingly important. Read More

8. How Big Data Hadoop Can Save Patients from a Crippling Healthcare System

HeathworksCollective.com- The United States has the most expensive healthcare system, but that high cost hasn’t resulted in the best patient outcomes. This post outlines how big data can help to improve patient outcomes. Read More

9. Hadoop vs. Data Warehouse: Comparing Apples and Oranges?

Data-Informed.com- This post questions the Hadoop vs. data warehouse debate, suggesting the two systems don’t compare. Read More

10. Authentication out of the box: Built-in tools ‘ease’ Hadoop security

TechTarget.com- This post discusses Hadoop variants that work with existing authentication systems. Read More

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