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Hadoop Happenings: Hadoop Lives Up to Hype



Grab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week focused on analysts’ projections for the Hadoop industry’s growth as well as the growing need for data scientists. Use cases for Hadoop in banking and telecommunications were also discussed.

1. Is Hadoop over-hyped? Market-watchers say no

SiliconAngle.com- Hadoop has been accused of being over-hyped, but analysts are predicting Hadoop will become an enterprise priority next year. Read More

2. Hadoop’s Achilles Heel is 2015

Gartner.com- Adoption of Hadoop will be impacted unless the available talent pool increases or Hadoop becomes easier to deploy. Read More

3. Will 2015 be the Year Hadoop goes Mainstream?

Rcrwireless.com- Hortonworks’ successful IPO as well as a new round of funding for other big data startups points to Hadoop going mainstream in 2015. Read More

4. Dear Santa What I Want for Christmas from Hadoop

Hadoopwizard.com- This post offers a wish list for updates and improvements to the Hadoop ecosystem including faster Hadoop and automatic query tuning in Pig and Hive. Read More

5. Big Data and Banking- More than Hadoop

Syscon.com- Big data analytics can play a huge role in the banking industry from improving customer experience to risk management. Read More

6. Hadoop enables quick responses to changing market conditions for telecommunications

Ibmbigdatahub.com- An ebook from IBM addresses use cases for Hadoop in the telecommunications industry. Read More

7. Hadoop and Spark are coming of age together

Techtarget.com- TechTarget editors discuss the emergence of Spark in the Talking Data podcast. Read More

8. So you wanna be a data scientist? A guide to 2015’s hottest profession

Mashable.com- Data scientists are in high demand. This guide outlines the skills and expertise you need to succeed in this profession. Read More

9. Finding the Elusive Big Wisdom in Big Data

TechCrunch.com-  This post discusses bridging the gap between big data hype and reality. Read More

10. Big Data will Get Even Bigger in 2015 

Readwrite.com- Matt Asay argues that big data will continue to grow thanks to the Internet of Things. Read More

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