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Hadoop Happenings: XA Secure Acquisition, Tutorials and Use Cases


Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Hadoop Happenings compiles 10 of the most shared content on Hadoop from the past week. This week there was a lot of noise about Hortonworks’ acquisition of XA Secure. Resource lists and tutorials were also popular among professionals getting to know the technology.

1. Hortonworks Purchase Points to Need to Lock Down Hadoop

WSJ.com – Commentary from the Wall Street Journal on Cloudera’s recent acquisition of XA Secure and plans to make the security technology open source. Read More

2. Hadoop in the Fight to Treat Alzheimer’s

Hortonworks.com – A brief overview of how Hadoop is being used by healthcare and an invitation to a webinar on using big data to address the global alzheimer’s crisis. Read More

3. Hortonworks’ makes a Hadoop security play and buys XA Secure

Gigaom.com – Hortonworks announcement that it bought a startup focused on securing the entire Hadoop cluster was big news this week. The technology will be made open source by the end of the year. Read More

4. Transform Your Skills: Simple Steps to Set Up SQL on Hadoop

Gopivotal.com – A tutorial for setting up SQL on Hadoop. Read More

5. Hortonworks buys XA Secure to make Hadoop even more enterprise-friendly

VentureBeat.com – Additional coverage on Hortonworks’ acquisition of a security startup. Read More

6. Best resources to learn and understand Hadoop

BigDataAnalytics.com – Big Data Analytics News compiled a list of resources for learning about Hadoop. Read More

7. Cascading 3.0 Future-Proofs Data-Centric Application Development on Hadoop

BigDataAnalytics.com – An overview of the release of Cascading 3.0 and what it can do. Read More

8. Understanding Hadoop-as-a-Service Offerings

DataCenterKnowledge.com – This post from Data Center Knowledge provides an overview of how to evaluate a Hadoop-as-a-Service provider. Read More

9. Hadoop in the Cloud: Qubole shows 2x-8x speedup in performance over Apache Hadoop

Qubole.com – Qubole’s blog post outlining a speed comparison test of Qubole vs. Apache Hadoop. Read More

10. Hadoop is Beginning to Stare Newer Big Data Approaches in the Face

Dataversity.com – Observations and predictions on the impact of Hadoop and the rise of other technologies. Read More


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