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Hadoop Happenings: Company Case Studies, Reliability Issues


Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Check out this week’s top content on Hadoop. Several companies released testimonials on how they are benefiting from Hadoop. Forbes addressed some of Hadoop’s reliability issues, and Qubole released a Q&A from its founders.

1. 5+ Big Data Companies to Watch

Gartner.com- This post offers several big data companies to watch along with the authors’ reasons. The list covers various segments of big data technologies and mentions Qubole under big data cloud providers. Read More

2. In Hadoop, Yahoo is still Hortonworks’ Secret Weapon

Gigaom.com- While a team of Yahoo engineers left the company in order to create Hortonworks, the startup and tech giant still have a close engineering relationship. Read More

3. RapidMiner Scoops Up Radoop For Hadoop Analytics Processing

Techcruch.com- RapidMiner has purchased its former partner, Radoop, granting it access to the Radoop team’s Hadoop expertise. Read More

4. Conjecture: Scalable Machine Learning in Hadoop with Scalding

Codeascraft.com- This article introduces a project by ETSY called Conjecture, an open source, machine learning framework. Read More

5. DataSong’s Hadoop Bet Paying Off

Data-Informed.com- In an interview with John Wallace, CEO of DataSong, this article covers his implementation of Hadoop and understanding of big data. Read More

6. Qubole Founders Open Up About the Transformation of Hadoop 

Qubole.com- Qubole founders Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen Sarma discuss creating Apache Hive, founding Qubole and the transformation of Hadoop in this Q&A. Read More

7. Free eBook- Learn About Microsoft’s Hadoop Implementation

BigDataAnalyticsNews.com- This eBook released by Microsoft covers the company’s dive into big data with Apache Hadoop. Read More

8. Bringing Hadoop to the Mainframe

Gigaom.com- This research report looks at the relationship between mainframes and Hadoop and how to more effectively bring them together. Read More

9. Solving the Mystery of Hadoop Reliability

Forbes.com- Many businesses have run into reliability issues with Hadoop. This post covers where to look to address these issues. Read More

10. 12 Very Important Tools for Hadoop Users

BigDataAnalyticsNews.com- This post provides an overview of data analysis tools available when using Hadoop. Read More


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