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Hadoop Happenings: New Releases; Partnerships



Grab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop in one place with this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week Cloudera and MapR formed new partnerships. Splice Machine’s SQL on Hadoop database went on general release, and eHarmony discussed it’s future plans with Hadoop.

1. Why eHarmony is rebuilding itself atop Hadoop and (probably) OpenStack

Gigaom.com- eHarmony processes a lot of data to make its matches. With so much data to store and analyze, the company is turning its data center into a private cloud. Read More

2. Teradata brings MapR Hadoop in the data warehouse

Pcworld.com- A new partnership between Teradata and Hadoop distributor MapR is meant to allow businesses to incorporate big data analysis without setting up Hadoop from scratch. Read More

3. GoGrid, Cloudera partner to speed up enterprise Hadoop deployments

Yahoo.com- Cloudera users can begin a trial of the CDH distribution in a matter of hours, rather than week or months with GoGrid-s 1-Button Deploy. Read More

4. 5 Common Use Cases for Hadoop in Retail

SmartDataCollective.com- This post briefly discusses several of the applications of big data in retail. Read More

5. Hadoop and Crowd-based Lending: What We’ve Learned from Last Week’s Tech IPOs

Equityzen.com- This post provides an overview of Hortonworks’ IPO from an investor’s perspective. Read More

6. What’s a Hadoop? A (short) big data primer

DigitalJournal.com- For nontechnical readers, this article provides a basic introduction to big data and Hadoop. Read More

7. Hadoop, This is Your Data Warehouse Calling

Umbel.com- A conversation between Hadoop and the data warehouse outline the benefits of using Hadoop. Read More

8. Splice Machine’s SQL on Hadoop database goes on general release

Zdnet.com- Splice Machine released version 1.0 of its Hadoop database bringing together the Apache Derby Jaca relation database and the Apache HBase NoSQL database. Read More

9. Open-sourcing tools for Hadoop

Stripe.com-  Stripe open-sourced a number of systems it uses on top of Apache Hadoop, including a replacement for YARN’s ResourceManager. Read More

10. Hadoop beyond traditional MapReduce-Simplified

AnalyticsVidhya.com- This post provides an overview of the Hadoop ecosystem and the differences in the MapReduce architecture between Hadoop 1.0 and 2.0. Read More

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