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Hadoop Happenings: Back to the Basics and SQL-on-Hadoop Frenzy


Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Learn about the latest happenings with Hadoop in this week’s Hadoop roundup. Last week it was back to the basics with emphasis on what Hadoop is and what its business case is. This week there was a big media frenzy surrounding Oracle’s release of SQL-on-Hadoop software. Gartner released a new research report, and Gigaom is hosting a research webinar for Hadoop buyers.

Last Week

1. What the Heck is Hadoop? And Why You Should Know About It

LinkedIn.com- Bernard Marr has an ongoing series of posts on LinkedIn explaining the basics of current technology trends. This week he covered the basics of Hadoop. Read More

2. Accenture and Hortonworks Announce Alliance

Hortonworks.com- This week Hortonworks announced a formal partnership with Accenture, which has been collaborating with Hortonworks since 2012. Read More

3. Hadoop Summit Curated Content for Dev-ops

Hortonworks.com- The recent Hadoop summit offered many excellent sessions for Dev-ops engineers. This post curates some of the best sessions. Read More

4. Pentaho Preps Data on Hadoop, Analyzes on MongoDB

InformationWeek.com- Pentaho 5.1 includes support for YARN and MongoDB. Read More

5. How Hadoop is Remaking Travel and Expense Reporting at Concur

Datanami.com- Expense reports are one of the typical chores of the business world, but Concur is seeking to simplify that task with big data. Read More

6. Hadoop is like Your Mobile Phone

Teradata.com- When companies try to to do too much with Hadoop, the results are similar to taking every picture with a mobile phone. Read More

7. Big Data: The Hadoop Business Case

CTOvision.com- This post looks closely at what big data is and identifies several use cases for big data. Read More

8. MapReduce Successor Google Cloud Dataflow is a Game Changer for Hadoop Thunder

CloudTimes.org- This post looks at the features of Google’s newly adopted data analysis tool Google Cloud Dataflow. Read More

9. Hadoop isn’t ready for the elephant graveyard

Jaxenter.com- Despite Google opting to move away from MapReduce, this post argues Hadoop’s glory days are far from over. Read More

10. 12 Very Important Tools for Hadoop Users

EFYTimes.com- This post provides a brief overview of the Hadoop ecosystem. Read More 

This Week

1. Four Steps Strategy for Incremental Updates in Apache Hive on Hadoop

Hortonworks.com- Follow this 4-step process for updating records in Apache Hive. Read More

2. Oracle Big Data SQL lines up Database with Hadoop, NoSQL frameworks

Zdnet.com- Oracle released software connecting the Oracle database with Hadoop and NoSQL. Read More

3. Oracle: You wanted SQL on Hadoop? How about SQL on Hadoop and SQL ON NOSQL?

TheRegister.co.uk- More coverage of Oracle’s recent release of software allowing users to use Oracle SQL commands in non-SQL systems. Read More

4. My Research on Protecting Big Data in Hadoop Published

Gartner.com- Gartner published a research note on the options in big data security. Read More

5. 7 Best Hadoop Books to Learn Big Data Processing

Fromdev.com- For those considering a career in big data technology, check out this list of the best books to learn about Hadoop data processing. Read More

6. Industry Perspectives from the 2013 O’Reilly Strata + Hadoop World Conference

Inside-bigdata.com- This post provides a collection of video presentations from the 2013 Hadoop World Conference. Read More

7. Gigaom Research webinar: picking your Hadoop distribution: an ecosystem in a box

Gigaom.com- Gigaom is hosting a webinar addressing important elements to consider when selecting a Hadoop distribution. Read More

8. Webinar: Offload the Data Warehouse in the Age of Hadoop

Appfluent.com- This webinar explains how to offload storage and processing to Hadoop. Read More

9. Beating Trebek: Using Hadoop to Win Big at Jeopardy!

Solutiondesign.com- Learn how to run a Hadoop query and win the next game of Jeopardy with this tutorial. Read More

10. Oracle jumps into the SQL-on-Hadoop fray with would-be Teradata QueryGrid killer

SiliconAngle.com- Further analysis of Oracle’s decision to offer its own SQL-on-Hadoop solution and what it means for Teradata’s QueryGrid. Read More

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