Hadoop Happenings: Apache Tajo Released

By March 17, 2015


Grab the latest news and commentary about Hadoop all in one place in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week Apache Tajo was officially released for commercial use, commentary focused on the ever-changing Hadoop ecosystem, and discussion continued on Hadoop security.

1. Navigating the Hadoop Ecosystem An introductory overview of Field Guide to Hadoop, this post discusses the Hadoop ecosystem and related technologies. Read More

2. Unlocking Value from Hadoop Analytics Hadoop was built to handle large data sets, but many companies run into challenges when combining different data sources. Read More

3. Apache Tajo 0.10.0 Release Announcement Apache Tajo offers low-latency and scalable SQL analytical processing. The new releases resolved 160 issues, including new features. Read More

4. What You Need to Know about Hadoop right now This article provides an overview of some of the hottest Hadoop projects right now including Phoenix, Spark, Storm and Kafka. Read More

5. Bigger Data, Smaller Problems: Managing Security Permissions of Data Subsets in Hadoop User authorization in Hadoop is a little more complex given that it stores unstructured data sets and there are multiple ways Hadoop can access data. Read More

6. Trends in Big Data vs Hadoop vs Business Intelligence A visualisation of data taken from Google Trends shows the level of interest in the terms “big data,” “Hadoop,” “business intelligence,” “analytics,” and “dashboards.” Read More

7. Native Hadoop Security Tools Fall Short in Big Data Environments: Survey A small survey of Strata + Hadoop World Summit attendees indicated that data security is a critical requirement for Hadoop, but many are unsure if Hadoop’s native security tools are up to the task. Read More

8. Apache Tajo’s Big Data warehouse comes to Hadoop Apache Tajo, a relatively unknown open source project, is ready for commercial use. The software could be a good fit for companies that have outgrown commercial data warehouses. Read More

9. Using Kafka and YARN for Stream Analytics on Hadoop This post offers a tutorial for using Kafka and Yarn for stream analytics. Read More

10. Hadoop Promises Not yet Paying Off Hadoop isn’t going away, but Matt Asay argues it’s still up in the air whether Hadoop will be the end-game for most businesses. Read More

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