Hadoop Happenings: Apache Storm Graduates

By September 29, 2014

Hadoop Happenings Weekly Roundup

Grab all of the latest news and commentary about Hadoop all in one place in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. Several product announcements were made this week including Cask, formerly Continuuity, going open source and Apache Storm graduating to top-level status. Cloudera and Pivotal formed new partnerships.

1. Real World Examples: Real-time Data From Internet of Things This post introduces a series of tutorials for the steps to process large volumes of sensor data associated with the Internet of Things. Read More

2. Hadoop Developer Cask, Formerly Continuuity, Goes Open Source Continuuity announced that it will make its technology open source and change its name to Cask. Read More

3. Inviso: Visualizing Hadoop Performance Netflix announced the release of Inviso, an open-source job search and visualization tool meant to help big data users improve job performance. Read More

4. Hadoop Data Virtualization from Cask Now Open Source This article provides some additional coverage of Continuuity’s transition to making its technology open-source and changing its name to Cask. Read More

5. What you missed in Big Data: major changes afoot from Hadoop to Oracle This week Dell expanded its relationship with Cloudera, Larry Ellison stepped down as CEO of Oracle and Wolfram Research announced a cloud-based edition of its computing engine. Read More

6. DataTorrent Data Stream Processing Marries Pivotal Hadoop Distro DataTorrent has joined Pivotal’s network of partners. Read More

7. Apache Storm Graduate to a Top-Level Project The Apache Software Foundation voted to move Apache Storm to a top-level project, a major step forward for the project. Read More

8. From Yawn to YARN: Why You Should be Excited about Hadoop 2.0 This post provides a brief overview over the limitations Hadoop 2.0 overcomes. Read More

9. Mapping Love with Hadoop This presentation discusses how eHarmony uses Hadoop to process compatible matches for its users. Read More

10. Can MapR Keep Ahead of Hadoop Competitors? Dan Woods discusses Hadoop’s competitive landscape and whether MapR can stay ahead of its open source competitors. Read More

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