Hadoop Happenings: Announcements and New Releases

By April 12, 2016


Grab the latest news and commentary on Hadoop in this week’s Hadoop Happenings. This week LinkedIn released another Hadoop tool, Hortonworks made several announcements, and MarketShare shared what it has learned since its Hadoop deployment. See the full stories below.

1. MarketShare’s big data do-over: Hadoop deployment overhaul MarketShare initially tackled the problem of storing large volumes of data but had to adapt in order to handle analytics at scale. Read More

2. Hortonworks announces new alliances and releases; Hadoop comes to fork in road Hortonworks had several big announcements at the Hadoop summit in Dublin. Read More

3. Analyzing the airline dataset with Spark/Python This tutorial walk through how to analyze a dataset with Spark. Read More

4. Do GPU optimized databases threaten the hegemony of Oracle, Splunk and Hadoop? GPU optimized databases are quickly moving to business reality. Read More

5. LinkedIn releases its internal Hadoop optimization tool LinkedIn released Dr. Elephant, an engine designed to speed up Hadoop queries. Read More

6. 12 Inspiring Women In Data Science, Big Data This slideshow provides a collection of women who spoke recently at big data conferences. Read More

7. Can Big Data Help Us Travel Better? The travel industry is using big data to keep flights and hotels full while offering better services to customers. Read More

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