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Qubole Launches Quantum, Providing Serverless SQL Access to Petabyte-Scale Data

June 10, 2019


New feature enables data analysts to query object stores on the cloud of their choice in seconds

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 10, 2019 — Qubole, the data activation company, today released Quantum, a high-performance serverless engine within the Qubole data platform. Quantum allows data analysts to query petabyte-scale volumes of data using standards-compliant SQL without the need to configure and manage the underlying infrastructure and allows data teams to realize value from their data much more quickly and at a lower cost compared to traditional technologies. As a serverless offering, Quantum users pay only for queries they run on object stores or data lakes on AWS, and can do so in seconds to achieve faster time to market with far less IT management overhead.

Today’s leading enterprises are looking to serverless architectures to improve the productivity of teams managing public cloud services. Gartner reports that more than 20 percent of global enterprises will deploy serverless computing technologies by 2020, a four-fold increase from today. As companies look to leverage this emerging technology to meet their unique business and data needs, they require a serverless data processing solution that can reduce time to value. Qubole is the only private company that provides a cloud-native big data platform with serverless SQL access to big data.

“Businesses of all sizes are under pressure to deliver new products and services faster than their competitors, and are looking to emerging technologies like automation, multi-cloud and serverless to get value from their data faster,” said Ashish Thusoo, CEO and co-founder, Qubole. “While serverless is still in the nascent stages of adoption, we know its value, so we have been providing simplification and optimal choice to our customers and partners. Quantum is yet another step in this direction, delivering a self-service way to query their big data on the cloud of their choice, instantly.”

In addition to the proven benefits of Qubole’s self-service data processing platform for multi-cloud environments, Quantum offers the following features:

  • Intelligent Query Management – Reliable query execution through a smart, patent-pending algorithm to estimate and allocate resources.
  • Support for Custom Metastores – Use Qubole’s built-in metastore or your preferred cloud metastore. No need to recreate schemas.
  • Unified Query Experience – Seamlessly switch between managed and serverless mode as needed.
  • Autoscaling – Quantum scales up, down or out to match your workload and SLA requirements.
  • Flexibility of access – Quantum UI, REST API, Scheduler or ODBC/JDBC access.

“Qubole’s Quantum greatly simplifies my work by allowing me to focus my core task of building queries to answer business questions and not worry about configuring and provisioning infrastructure. I simply run my SQL query and Quantum provides a fast and reliable response,” said Brian Wallace, Software Engineer, Adobe.

Quantum is available today. For more information about how Quantum simplifies big data processing, check out our blog post or visit

About Qubole

Qubole is the cloud-native data management platform for analytics and machine learning that allows enterprises to quickly harness the power of data to gain valuable business insights. Only Qubole provides a unified environment for all major cloud providers and data processing engines. The company’s unified environment includes optimized versions of Spark, Presto, Hive and Airflow, with intelligent automation technology that scales usage up or down to meet service-level needs and minimize cloud costs. Based in Santa Clara, Calif., Qubole has offices in New York City, San Francisco, London, Singapore and Bangalore. For more information, visit us online.

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